Big Fish Stonefields


We opened Big Fish Stonefields with the intent of bringing good food to the neighborhood. Our diners will have a high level dining experience  in a comfortable ambient environment with attentive service and food that will blow their minds. 


Big fish Stonefields is about evolution.  The world we live in is ever changing and our belief is that we should grow with it.

All of our broth stocks and sauces are prepared by extracting flavors from natural sources -with real bones and fresh vegetables.

Only the best ingredients are used to create our dishes. We cater to a wide range of diners providing a good selection of gluten free dishes and thoughtful vegetarian options. We source the freshest seafood with quality free range halal meats. 

Big Fish Stonefields specializes in Modern Asian Cuisine. We cook open minded Asian inspired food without any restrictions on techniques or ingredients.

Our Restaurant is created for sharing. Asian comfort food is a very communal dining experience and is about relationships with the people you dine with.

 Our service is from the heart and our staff are knowledgeable about our menu.  The team at Big Fish genuinely wants you to take pleasure in experiencing our culture.

Visit us here or in our other branch in Penrose.


Context and memory

play powerful roles in all

the truly great meals in ones life.